About us

soThe historical evolution of the insurance market in Ukraine has led to the point when all major losses are handled by adjusters from Russia, Germany, Turkey, UK, France and other states.

Local Ukrainian surveyors act as representatives of foreign companies in the most cases of significant losses reinsured abroad Ukraine.

We are set to change this practice. In the beginning of 2013, we opened an office in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company ULA - Ukrainian Loss Adjuster changed the name to LABB - Loss Adjusters Bureau.

The CEO of the new office prix viagra pharmacie is Sergey Onyshchenko who dealt for the last 7 years with assessment of financial risks for banks. Having completed the special training course in the LABB's Moscow office, he builds a team of qualified loss adjusters in Ukraine.

Having vast experience in adjustment of major property damage losses including industrial, construction, business interruption losses and losses of other types, we set up in Ukraine a team of qualified loss adjustment specialists.

We also plan to use LABB, upon agreeing with the leading Ukrainian reinsurers, as a base for holding workshops or training courses for our colleagues and claim handling employees of insurance companies.

We are always ready to help you with the questions of any complexity.

LABB in Kyiv is located at:

Mykoly Lebedieva str. 6-А, Kyiv 02094 Ukraine 
tel.: +38 044 384-4864

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