LABB - Uzbekistan

tsThe amendment of the Insurance Operations Act of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2007 enhanced the list of professional market members. The insurance market in Uzbekistan is now represented with adjusters and insurance surveyors among others professional members.

That gave rise to development of infrastructure of Uzbekistan insurance market.

Previously, medium and major losses were adjusted by employees of insurance companies, residents of Uzbekistan or some foreign adjusters were engaged, mainly to handle reinsurance policies.

Nowadays, there are opportunities, including tax benefits, for development of all professional members of the Uzbekistan insurance market.

Having vast experience in adjustment of major property damage losses including industrial, construction, business interruption losses and losses of other types, we set up in Uzbekistan a team of qualified loss adjustment specialists.

In August 2013 we launch an office in Tashkent - LABB limited liability company.

The company officially declares its mission for entering the Uzbekistan market. That is the development of the insurance market in the Republic of Uzbekistan and its infrastructure via establishment and elaboration of the institution of insurance surveyor and loss adjuster.

The CEO of the office is Timur Salimov, who has a significant experience in loss adjustment.

We are always ready to help you with the questions of any complexity.

Our employees:

Adolat Shamukhsimova Adjuster
Alexander Muminov Adjuster

LABB in Tashkent is located at:

59 Mustakillik av., 100000 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
tal.: +998 71 268 5949
fax: +998 71 268 5921

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