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Eugene Zaraysko



Director cargo claims

41А, Bolshoy Afanasyevskiy pereulok, 119019 Moscow Russia Mosco

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +7 495 249 2491

Mobile: +7 965 255 9171

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Other information

Other information:

Eugene Zaraysko

Language proficiency:   Russian, English

Education/professional qualifications:

Higher education, Linguistic, Interpreter

Most significant losses/projects handled:

  1. Damage to Scania hauler due to a traffic accident, Moscow region, Russia, 2012
  2. Damage to Citroen cars on a hauler due to a traffic accident (carrier liability), Moscow region, Russia, 2012
  3. Siemens turbine and transformer destined to Mosenegro heating plant building site loading/unloading and securing and transportation supervision, Moscow, Russia, 2012
  4. Theft of railroad carriages mounted wheels, Samara, Russia, 2012
  5. Damage due to transit temperature prescriptions violation to cargos of refrigerated semi-finished products destined to be used in McDonalds restaurants, Moscow, Russia, 2011
  6. Damage to a cargo of hospital cots shipped in a marine container, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2011
  7. Numerous fruit-vegetable cargo losses due to transit and/or storage conditions violation, Moscow region, Russia, 2011-2012
  8. Short carriage of goods and chattels while changing place of residence of GMC employee's family, Moscow, Russia, 2010
  9. Damage to a medicine cargo due to temperature abuse during carriage, Moscow region, Russia, 2010
  10. Damage to 6 Volvo trucks with cranes-manipulators during jokey transportation, Kuryk, Kazakhstan, 2010
  11. Damage to Huyndai escalators shipped by railroad, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2009
  12. Hull damage to 62 tank containers, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2009
  13. Short delivery of Pioneer electronics and appliances cargo, Moscow region, Russia, 2009
  14. Fire in a residential building due to inflammation of the Samsung domestic refrigerator, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2008
  15. Bakery products cargo damage due to a traffic accident (carrier liability), St. Petersburg, Russia, 2008
  16. Gabor shoes cargo damage, Moscow, Russia, 2008

Experience:   8 years

Eugene began his loss adjusting activity as a cargo surveyor in 2008. Later on in 2011, he headed the cargo loss department in that company. Since that time he worked with many foreign clients (both insurers and insured) and adjusted a number of local losses.

His professional adjusters experience covers various areas of cargo losses including carriers liability and product liability insurance. The main specialization is the settlement of perishable food stuffs and temperature controlled products transportation losses. Also has an experience in settlement of losses to personal belongings damage during transportation while changing the place of residence.

Possesses the valid Certificate of IRU Academy on "Safe Loading and Cargo Securing".


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