Being considerably experienced in settlement of building/construction/erection losses our adjusters investigated and adjusted losses at various sites starting from individual buildings further to large-scale infrastructure projects. We offer adjustment service regarding all types of construction insurance, namely design and construction/erection risks insurance(CAR&EAR), delay in start-up and advanced loss of profit insurance (ALOP), third-party liability insurance during construction works (TPL).

Our company has surveyors with broad experience in cause investigation of numerous breakdowns and incidents, as well as specialists who could professionally evaluate the insured project reinstatement costs. Our adjusters would become your source of unbiased and reliable information on loss, which would help to come to a reasonable and balanced decision. When extensive technical analysis becomes necessary we engage corresponding experts and expert companies which are reputable and industry-leading.

We are open for any way of cooperation suitable for adjustment of the certain loss - either consulting on the related aspect or complete control over the object reinstatement and loss adjustment.


News are increasingly coming out about so-called cyber-attacks; the battlefield is the World Wide Web

Numerous cases of breaking into security systems and servers reported: the first successful hacker attack on Apple computers, the hack into a dating website with 40 million users' data, the new ransomeware was invented and nobody could crack it so far, and modern pirates are so advanced users that succeeded to hack into a security system of an international shipping company.


Hackers siphoned 0,7 billion rubles out of CBRF correspondent account of Metallinvestbank