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The scope of our activity covers, among other, adjustment of losses caused by technogenic accidents and incidents in various fields of industry.

The knowledge and experience of our team allows us to settle losses in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mineral processing and chemical production, ore and coal mining fields, construction of industrial buildings and welfare facilities.

We could engage scientific research institutes and laboratories, dedicated companies and enterprises to investigate the matter with highest qualification.

We investigate and adjust industrial losses within construction and trial stages of various objects and systems, in case of machinery breakdown, engineering systems failures, fires at production sites and accident recovery.

Our specialists took part in investigation and adjustment of losses at the following objects:

  • RUSAL aluminium and alumina refinery plants within the territory of Russia, the Ukraine, Nigeria, Guinea and Sweden
  • Norilsk Nickel plants and mining enterprises
  • VSMPO-AVISMA titanium-magnesium plants
  • Pobuzhsky ferronickel plant in the Ukraine
  • mineral processing and metallurgical plants in the Ukraine: Azovsteel, MMK Ilyicha, etc.
  • ferrous metallurgy plants of ArcelorMittal company in Kazakhstan (Temirtau) and in the Ukraine (Krivoy Rog)
  • Kazchrome group in Kazakhstan
  • chemical companies - Sibur, EuroChem, UralChem and Kazanorgsintez
  • Severstal steel manufacturing group
  • Dzhubga-Lazаrevskoye-Sochi pipeline
  • bridge construction over Angara river in Irkutsk

Within the adjustment process we consolidate all parties involved: policyholders, beneficiaries, insurance brokers, insurers, Russian and foreign reinsurers of every level. The cooperation of such kind allows us to take into account all possible differences in insurance coverages and to solve arising questions promptly on both investigation and payment stages.


News are increasingly coming out about so-called cyber-attacks; the battlefield is the World Wide Web

Numerous cases of breaking into security systems and servers reported: the first successful hacker attack on Apple computers, the hack into a dating website with 40 million users' data, the new ransomeware was invented and nobody could crack it so far, and modern pirates are so advanced users that succeeded to hack into a security system of an international shipping company.


Hackers siphoned 0,7 billion rubles out of CBRF correspondent account of Metallinvestbank