Legal expertise performed by our specialists includes:

  • insurance policy, rules and conditions analysis
  • recommendations on policy liability or denial in reimbursement
  • consideration of scope of coverage based on the policy wording
  • recommendations on subrogation right preservation
  • analysis of reinsurance policies and liability of reinsurers

We base our analysis on the in-depth knowledge of insurance policies, rules and conditions, legislation and judicial practice, as well as the knowledge of insurance principles both in Russia and abroad.


News are increasingly coming out about so-called cyber-attacks; the battlefield is the World Wide Web

Numerous cases of breaking into security systems and servers reported: the first successful hacker attack on Apple computers, the hack into a dating website with 40 million users' data, the new ransomeware was invented and nobody could crack it so far, and modern pirates are so advanced users that succeeded to hack into a security system of an international shipping company.


Hackers siphoned 0,7 billion rubles out of CBRF correspondent account of Metallinvestbank