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General cargo

We perform inspections of general cargo being transported both with or without special package, as follows:

1. in bulk:fertlzer

  • petroleum, oil, latex and other fluids
  • seed, granulated sugar / ore, coal / fertilizers etc.

2. In special package:

  • steel products (rolled and scrap iron, fitting, cable, etc.)
  • mobile plant (automotive and non-propelled wheeled or crawler-mounted)
  • reinforced concrete structures
  • containers
  • cargo in unit loads
  • packaged cargo (in cartons of different sizes and made of various materials)
  • oversize and heavy-weight cargo
  • wood products (timber, plywood, plank, etc.)
  • cement, non-ferrous metal ores and concentrates in big-bags
  • various types of cargo in barrels, cylinders, crates, etc.




News are increasingly coming out about so-called cyber-attacks; the battlefield is the World Wide Web

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