Our team has considerable experience in power losses investigation and settlement.

Our specialists’ experience allows to adjust losses arising during erection and trial periods of various power industry’s objects and systems, at the power production stage and its distribution and transmission.

We performed investigations of incidents at gas-turbine, thermal and hydroelectric power plants, distribution substations up to 800 kV, power transmission lines.

Our specialists were involved in investigations and settlement of the losses related to the breakdowns and incidents at the following sites:

  • Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant
  • Northern-Caucasus hydroelectric power plants
  • Bureyskaya hydroelectric power plant
  • thermal power plants up to 5.500 MW within the entire territory of Russia
  • thermal power plant network in the Ukraine
  • distribution substations  and power transmission lines of Moscow, Northern-European, Ural, Siberian and Far-Eastern regions of Russia

We are also experienced in adjustment of power industry’s BI losses. Taking into consideration all peculiarities of Russian power market operation we are in a position to provide the fair decision in any case.

We practice the complex approach to adjustment; the combination of technical, legal, financial analysis together with constant touch with the Insured allows to optimize our activities and reduce the parties’ expenses.





News are increasingly coming out about so-called cyber-attacks; the battlefield is the World Wide Web

Numerous cases of breaking into security systems and servers reported: the first successful hacker attack on Apple computers, the hack into a dating website with 40 million users' data, the new ransomeware was invented and nobody could crack it so far, and modern pirates are so advanced users that succeeded to hack into a security system of an international shipping company.


Hackers siphoned 0,7 billion rubles out of CBRF correspondent account of Metallinvestbank